Whale Watching & Fishing Charters in Victoria

Whale Watching

The Killer Whale is the largest member of the dolphin family and they tend to be found in groups called pods, a group of related families. Occasionally two or more pods join together temporarily and can consist of up to 100 whales. Each pod has been named over the years by researchers.

In the North Pacific, researchers categorize pods of killer whales into transient-type whales and resident-type whales, based on physical and behavioral characteristics. The size of resident pods varies from as few as 5 to as many as 50 individuals. Transient pod size varies between 1 and 7 individuals. Resident pods tend to travel within specific ranges while transient pod ranges are unpredictable. In the Pacific Northwest, there are two communities of resident pods: a northern community and a southern community. Food preferences of resident and transient pods differ. Resident pods eat a wide variety of fish and rarely seek out marine mammals. Transient pods primarily eat marine mammals and will occasionally eat fish. Research has shown that resident pods have a wider sound repertoire than transient pods.


Fishing Charters

Experience World-Class Salmon and Halibut Fishing in Victoria and Port Renfrew, British Columbia.

Join us for the best Salmon and Halibut fishing off British Columbia’s west coast Vancouver Island. King Coop’s Fishing Charters offers spectacular year-round fishing adventures.

Fun for the whole family

Enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife of BC’s West Coast with the kids in a day they will never forget. We plan and execute trips so that everyone has fun and gets a piece of the action. Safety is always a priority and all vessels and crew are inspected and certified by Transportation Canada. We are a fully licensed and insured fishing charter.

Corporate and group adventures

King Coop’s Fishing Charters can accommodate larger groups up to as many as a hundred guests. All professional guides we  work with are certified  and DOT approved .King Coop’s Fishing Charters can work with you to customize a fishing package that best suits your groups needs. We are here to help you catch fish and have a pleasant and memorable experience.

King Coop’s Guarantee

We want to ensure the best and safest trip possible. If we cannot venture out because of rough sea conditions, we will do our best to re-schedule your trip to a better day. When you call King Coop’s Fishing Charters you speak directly with the owner, so you get the latest conditions, detailed information and advice on how to best plan your trip.

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