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For all of you who HAVE to get onto the water: charter a boat! Here are some local charter companies. More charter companies can be found in Sidney and Sooke, both within about a 45 minute ride from our Bed and Breakfast

http://www.charterboatsbc.com/ BC salmon fishing charters Victoria
Salmon charters in British Columbia onboard a 54ft luxury Sport Fisher Yacht. Fish for Chinook, Coho, Halibut, Sockey, King, and Silver salmon. Go coastal cruising.

http://www.oceanrambler.com/ Ocean Rambler - Fishing Adventures - Victoria
Fantastic fishing is just one part of your experience with us. Throughout your adventure, you may have many opportunities to glimpse some amazing wildlife, in their natural settings. Whale sightings are very common all summer, along the West Coast. You could see Orca’s (Killer Whales), or Humpback Whales, or both, as they migrate North and feed. Real Adventure, Real Fun! Contact Steve Yakimovich at 1.877.818.3029


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