Vacation Packages

Marketa’s B&B has selected several vacation packages to complement your stay in Victoria.
Contact Marketa by phone (250 – 384 9844) or email to book a package or to help you plan your
vacation package and stay at Marketa’s Bed and Breakfast.

Ensuite Massage and Shiatsu

Alleviare On-Site Massage & Spa
A luxury indulgence focusing on your whole body’s needs. These massages are perfect for alleviating fatigue, backaches, stiffness, tension, low energy, kinks and knots or simply for those who need ultimate relaxation.
Ask Marketa for details.
On-Site Shiatsu
Relaxing and energizing. With the use of fingers and palm pressure is applied to particular sections of the body to correct imbalances or for maintaining and promoting your personal health.
Ask Marketa about the “shiatsu special

Outdoor Adventures

Whale Watching Package
The spectacular and “Super Natural” Inner Harbour of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the home base of operations for Great Pacific Adventures Incorporated.
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The Pacific Coast…
Take a walk on the wild side, through majestic rainforests, rugged coastlines, and long sandy beaches. View bears, whales and wildlife.
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Wine Tours

Book a wine tour to the Cowican Valley – North. The winemakers here are among the earliest and the most experimental, growing grapes from Bacchus to Pinot Noir. This day trip includes lunch.
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