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http://www.sooke.org/kingvillage/ King Village Restaurant, Sooke
Our restaurant is located across from Village Food Market Mall. Its convenient location makes it a wonderful place for tourists to take break and have a good, healthy meal. Our chef is will respected in the industry for his 20 years experience with Chinese cuisine and 10 years experience with western cuisine. Whoever has meals in our restaurant will admire his flavorful and healthy dishest - King Village Restaurant

http://www.markuswharfsiderestaurant.com/?2 Markus Wharfside Restaurant, Sooke B.C.
Sooke restaurants Vancouver Island British Columbia Markus Wharfside Restaurant,Fine dinning, entertainment

http://www.sooke.org/opbakery/ Otter Point Bakery and Tea Room :: Sooke, Vancouver Island
It is our desire to make your visit to Sooke as memorable as possible. Nothing adds more to a vacation than delicious food served in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Otter Point Bakery & Tea Room is a truly enjoyable place to dine any time of the day. We also have an eclectic gift gallery to browse!

http://www.pizzability.ca/ Pizzability - Sooke 2 for 1 Pizza Delivery Shop - 642-7888
Sooke 2 for 1 pizza delivery shop serving pizzas made with fresh, gourmet ingredients - Affordable Gourmet Pizzas made with the Freshest Ingredients.

http://www.pointnopointresort.com/ Point No Point Resort & Restaurant
Our restaurant is open daily, we have indoor seating for 34 and there's always enough binoculars to go around so you can keep a sharp eye while enjoying your meal.


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