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Vancouver Island BC
Vancouver Island, nestled tightly along the lower south-western coast of British Columbia, Canada, is rich in history and ripe with opportunities for outdoor adventure. Roughly the size of Holland, Vancouver Island is home to the historic capital city of Victoria. Famous for both its historic buildings, accommodations and bustling inner harbour, no trip to the island is complete without visiting this jewel. The Vancouver Island region also encompasses the Gulf Islands. These diverse, small islands are known for their rich artisan wares, wine and culinary adventures and scenic outdoor activities. Vancouver Island is an exciting region rich in First Nations history and culture, wine and agritourism, wildlife watching and a plethora of outdoor activities including fishing, whale watching and golf. Travel to Vancouver Island and let the wilderness, culture and heritage of this dynamic maritime region embrace you. Bed and Breakfasts Vancouver Island
Bed and Breakfast Vancouver Island: B&B accommodations in the Comox Valley ( Courtenay Comox ) and around Vancouver Island. Tide Rip Grizzly Bear Watching on Vancouver Island
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