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Victoria BC Conference planning

http://www.pacificdestinations.com/ Pacific Destination Services
Pacific Destination Services is a premier provider of destination management services in Western Canada. We conduct every aspect of our business with total professionalism, integrity and unmatched creativity. Our boutique style, personalized approach emphasizes listening intently to your needs, integrating them into a creative program, and then executing a once-in-a-lifetime experience where we turn your vision into a reality.

http://www.victoriaconference.com/ Victoria Conference Centre - Home
In the heart of downtown Victoria, British Columbia, by the spectacular Inner Harbour is the Victoria Conference Centre; a bright, modern and technically advanced meeting place that is most inviting. Here, you can defy convention within the environs of an historic city and one of the world's top travel destinations. It's business, in the most pleasurable surroundings possible.


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