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http://www.porttheatre.nisa.com/ Port Theatre, Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island
Nanaimo’s Port Theatre has been named “2006 Presenter of the Year” by the industry and their peers. On April 2, 2006, the BC Touring Council (BCTC) recognized Sandra Thomson, Director of Development & Programming, the staff and volunteers of The Port Theatre for excellence in programming and professionalism in the “Port Theatre Presents” programming .

http://www.mala.ca/theatre/ Malaspina University-College - Theatre Department
The Theatre department offers a one-year or two-year University Transfer program, as well as a two-year Technical Theatre Diploma program. Students who want to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree have to spend two additional years at university.

http://www.bailey.nisa.com/ Nanaimo Theatre Group
Our Goal is to provide first-class, varied, enjoyable, exciting and high quality theatrical experiences for our audiences and participants, and to continue to be viewed as an asset to the community.


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